Monday, July 11, 2011

PNG Protests against changes to the Ombudsman laws

These pictures shows locals protests against the PNG government plans to change the Ombudsman Commission laws so that leaders who still and misuse public funds can run free. Protestors were successful and the ''controversial Moses Maladina Bill never made to parliament. police controlled the crowd. This was by the well organsied protest where the PNG Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta, at that time had to come and receive the petition on behalf of the countryt o take it to parliament. PM Sir Michael Somare rejected and did not adhere to the people's voices.

US marines with Pacific Partnership Program in Port Moresby, PNG

These were photos taken in 2010 of a US Navy Ship that sailed into and anchored in Port Moresby Wharf, Papua New Guinea during a Pacific Partnership program, which involves the Defence, Navy and Police of US, PNG and the Pacific to get prepared for disasters and security for the Pacific people. Here the pictures show the boat and US navy personnel when the PNG Media were taken on a tour.