Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PNG Police and politics at its best and show of numbers

 Protestors calling on the election of a new Prime minister in 2011.

 Members walk across parliament to get the petition.

Police comes and disperses the crowd as illegal aseembly,

 Protest organiser Noel Anjo stands his grounds with the police.
MP, Jamie Maxtone Graham tells police to let the NGO and protestors give them the petition and can later allow them to go away.

Kevin Rudds 2nd PNG visit 2011

Kevin Rudd with a ADF Officer

 Rudd getting ready to board a black hawk helicopter to Moreguina in the Central province.
 The two Australian Black hawk helicopters that ferried the delegation to Moreguina at the PNGDF Air Transport Wing at 7 mile Port Moresby.

One of the loadmasters getting an Eskie onto the black hawk.

Kevin Rudd's victory sign following his return from Moreguina village at Jacksons airport-Port Moresby.

 PNG DF Commander Francis Agwi keeps an eye on Kevin Rudd walking to the Black Hawk.

A smiling Agwi.

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's 2nd visit to PNG

 Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd shakes hands with PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill at the Australian Deputy High Commissioner's Residence at the Touguba Hill, Port Moresby in 2011.

 PNG Foreign Minister flanks his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd as he makes a firm handshake with PNG PM, Peter O'Neill centre
 A diplomatic chat
 Kevin Rudd arrives at the PNG Defence Force Air Wing Squadron at 7mile to board a Australian Defence Force Black Hawk helicopter to go to Moreguina village in the Central province to deliver medical supplies to the Moreguina clinic.
 Met by PNG DF officials on arrival
 Meets the PNG DF Commander, Brigadier General Francis Agwi at 7 mile PNGDF ATS Wing
 Defence analysts talks

Kevin Rudd meets one of his ADF black hawk helicopter pilots.

PNG Politics in pictures

 PNG's former Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal with Higher Education Minister (former) Paru Aihi at a press conference in good times.

 Sir Arnold Amet, PNG's former top judge and Attorney General, making a point after Sir Michael Somare along with his National Alliance party was ousted from power. Amet was adamnant the change of PM was illegal and indeed the court restored Somare government, but parliament had the numbers and re-elected Peter O'Neill.
Lawyers, Greg Sheppard and Emmanuel Varitimos defending Prime Minister Peter O'Neill in court. Walking out of the Waigani National and Supreme Court house in 2011.

 The man in the centre of the legal battle, Dr Allan Marat the Attorney General in PM, Peter O'Neills government.
 Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah and Dr Marat and Public Service Minister Bart Philemon and  Francis Awesa, the works Minister.

They were are the Touguba Hill home of former Prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta.