Sunday, July 20, 2014

Japanese PM's Visit to Papua New Guinea July 2014

The Prime Minister of Japan Hon Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe visited PNG from the 10-12th July 2014. They came to Port Moresby and went to Wewak in the East Sepik province to officiate at the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the surrender of Japan and fallen Japanese Imperial force soldiers in the Pacific during the World Wars I and II at Wom Beach in Wewak to the Allied Forces.

Prime Minister Abe unveiled the plaque in the presence of a 99 year old soldiers who surrendered and also the wife of one of the platoon commanders of the Japanese forces, who had accompanied the Japanese PM and his delegation to Wewak.

Mr Abe laid a wreath at the Peace Park in Wewak, which signifies the peace in both good and bad times.

It was a memorable experience accompanying the whole of government delegation doing local media liaison in Wewak.

1. Japanese PM Shinzo Abe received a red carpet welcome being escorted by East Sepik Governor and former Pm, Sir Michael Somare to the site of the plaque commemorating the fallen Japanese soldiers in the pacific in World War I and II at Boys Town, in Wewak ESP.
 2. PM Abe inspecting the Japanese War memorial Shrine

 Sir Michael explaining the area where the Japanese fought and the battle fields over looking Wewak township.

A 99 year old war veteran who is a survivor of the Wewak battle, who surrendered to the Allied Forces who accompanied Abe to PNG and Wewak explaining to the PM and his delegation how it was fighting in the war back then and where his comrades fell and died. He was the Last post standing.


Abe and Sir Michael close to an old Japanese Machine gun, the remains of War.

Abe looking over the Wewak Boys Town Hill, remembering how the Japanese soldiers fought.

Abe walking past the shrine

Abe standing and reflecting on the dead and those who died fighting for Japan.

Abe cutting the traditional Sepik grass skirt to mark and unveil the plaque in memory of those Japanese soldiers who died.